Horizontal cartoning machine

Made in France

The balcony design of our latest generation of horizontal, reciprocating cartoner machines offers a series of benefits, in particular when faced with the demands of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and agri-food industries where SERVOCOMPACT comes into its own.

SERVOCOMPACT features an entirely digital motor control system which can be combined with a digital or robotic infeed. SERVOCOMPACT takes up a small amount of floor space for its category and an excellent accessibility means that an operator can execute a changeover in just 20 minutes.

For cartons with

  • Alternate tuck flaps
  • Opposite tuck flaps
  • Glued flaps

SERVOCOMPACT is also available for cartons with glued closure, snap closure or a combination of both.

Made in France


  • Pre-folded leaflet dispenser
  • Camera control feature with reject removal
  • End-of-line conveyor
  • Grouping table
  • Embossed or ink-jet marking

Video demonstration

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