3 / Integration
Complete solutions

Tailor-made packaging lines

CMAS partners with the best industry specialists to provide a complete solution for your packaging projects.

CMAS solutions can integrate robots (SCARA, poly articulated, tripod, collaborative, mobile etc.), printers, labellers, artificial vision control, combination weighers and check weighers.

Our packaging lines can be directly linked to your production data base enabling automatic adjustment and calibration of the equipment. At the end of every production run you will receive an individual computerised report showing machine performance details.


Labeller for finished or semi-finished products : We can include any labelling system.

Conveyor systems

We can design and build any bespoke conveyor system, in conjunction with or separately from a cartoner machine and coupled or uncoupled from a printing and/or labelling system.

Our conveyors can be customized to your specific requirements and allow product transfer, grouping, return transfer or separation. They are suitable for all types of applications, from the food industry to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the industrial sector.

Personalised marking

Our carton personalisation systems combine multiple printing heads, making it possible to print on all surfaces in black and white or colour, as required.

Cartons can be personalised by unit or batch.

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