Vertical cartoning machine with reciprocating motion

Made in France

Available in manual or automatic feed, this aptly named vertical cartoning machine takes up just 2m2 of floor space.

MINICOMPACT is available in electro-mechanical and digital versions.

Our advanced carton erecting technology guarantees total scratch protection and is able to handle complex carton shapes and lightweight design materials.

For cartons with

  • Alternate tuck flaps
  • Opposite tuck flaps
  • Glued flaps

MINICOMPACT handles cartons with glued flaps, alternate or opposite tuck flaps and with or without auto-bottom, and can also accommodate a closure security design.

Format changeover is quick and simple, requiring just 15 minutes by an operator and no intervention by a machine setter.

Made in France

Available for hire!

Vous pouvez louer nos MiniCompact/Compact V60 dès maintenant. Grâce à la location, découvrez leurs nombreuses fonctionnalités et testez leur efficacité

Video demonstration :

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