We’ve been designing and manufacturing cartoners tailored to your requirements since 1993. With our skilled design team and extensive experience, we can provide the solution you need, quickly and efficiently.

Our ultra-flexible horizontal and vertical cartoner machines are designed and manufactured from start to finish at our new facility in France, and every part is produced in-house. For 24 years, our machines have been processing cartons of all shapes and sizes, from the simplest to the most complex. They’re designed and customized to your individual needs. And thanks to our exclusive carton erecting system, we guarantee total protection from scratches.

We’re constantly innovating. Our research and development unit, with three engineers, files at least one patent application every year. From designing and producing automated and semi-automated cartoning machines to further improving existing designs and adding new functionality, our flair for innovation means we can offer solutions that perfectly match your specific requirements.

Because your satisfaction is at the very centre of what we do, we’re totally committed to every solution we supply. We work in partnership with customers of all sizes, from major food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies and large-scale manufacturers to smaller independent entrepreneurs all around the world, and we know how to meet your needs.

Combining in-house expertise and cutting-edge innovation, we’re the partner of choice for your cartoning project.

+ 24 years experiences

Made in France at Brax

3 ranges of machines


We’ve been listening closely to customers for 24 years, and your satisfaction is the gauge of our success. We work with you at every stage of your project and provide personal aftersales service and support for every machine we deliver.


Because every project is unique, our design office works with you to propose a tailored solution to your requirements. And because every component part is made by us, on our own premises, we guarantee the highest standards of quality and a fast, efficient response.


All our parts and machines are manufactured at our facility in France, enabling us to provide you with the highest standard of service. With our team of skilled engineers and extensive experience, we deliver high-end cartoning machines at the very forefront of technology.


The driving force of what we do, we’re constantly striving to bring you the latest innovations. Cleverly designed equipment, options and incorporation of robotics, our technical solutions are always evolving so we can better meet your requirements.


The ideal solution for sectors like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the food industry. This vertical cartoning machine is available with manual or automatic load and has a ground footprint of just 2 sq.m. It also incorporates our proprietary patented technologies.

Thanks to its exclusive carton erector, it guarantees total protection from scratches. It’s designed to handle your most complex carton shapes and lightweight board.

The Minicompact can also handle cartons with standard or reverse tuck closures, with or without auto bottom. Plus, it has an original closure system for carton types for cosmetics, allowing easy flap insertion.

Format changeover is quick and simple, requiring just 15 minutes by an operator and no intervention by a machine setter.

The Minicompact is also available as a digital version.

Available to lease !

Our vertical cartoners are now available to lease. Operating a machine on a rental basis gives you a chance to test its impressive functionality and efficiency.

Compact V60

This compact cartoning machine is designed to handle all your large-size cartons and products, with ultrafast format changeover in less than 15 min.
The Compact V60 has a 12-station turret and four loading stations.

Benefiting from a mechanical design and the same patented technologies as the Minicompact, it offers you the assurance of total robustness and dependability, combined with very low maintenance.


Available to lease !

Our vertical cartoners are now available to lease. Operating a machine on a rental basis gives you a chance to test its impressive functionality and efficiency.


Thanks to its balcony design, our latest generation of digital horizontal intermittent-motion cartoners offers you a host of advantages.
With its cutting-edge technology, optimal product insertion is achieved by a servo-driven feeder, with an output of 100 cartons per minute.

Like the Minicompact and Compact V60, its ground footprint is small, maintenance requirements are low and operation is quiet
Available in manual or automatic load versions.



Labeller for flat cartons

Our new E 100 compact labelling machine is designed for label placement on flat cartons. It allows complete inspection, control and label positioning by camera. Its maximum speed of 100 cartons per minute ensures a rapid and efficient workflow.

Output is by stack in adjustable quantities.
Other features include brushless motor technology.

Labeller for finished or semi-finished products

We can integrate any type of labelling system.


Conveyor systems

We can design and build any type of bespoke conveyor system, in conjunction with or separately from a cartoner machine and coupled or uncoupled from a printing and/or labelling system. Our conveyors can be customized to your specific requirements and allow product transfer, grouping, return transfer or separation. They’re suitable for all types of applications, from the food industry to pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and the industrial sector.


Our carton personalization systems combine multiple printing heads, making it possible to print on all surfaces in black and white or colour, as required. Cartons can be personalized by unit or batch.

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